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Jet Blue Airlines

It is a major American Airlines known for its low cost amenities. This is the seventh largest airline of North America in terms of carried passengers. It operates more than 1000 flights a day connecting more than 100 domestic and international destinations. According to a survey it carries more than 35 million passengers per year. JetBLue has its head office in Long Island City, New York and also maintains its corporate office in Utah and Florida. Since its start, jet Blue is known for innovation, utilizing technologies in every aspect of its operation. It is among the most rated airlines for its quality of airport and on board services. Jet Blue operates with most of the feature of a low cost carrier. These features include new and efficient aircrafts with one model, high aircraft utilization, point to point routes and relatively low distribution cost. Low fares, secure aircrafts, leather seats, spacious legroom and customer service oriented staff make it one of the most chosen option. There is more space inside the flights comparatively which makes your travel more comfortable. They also provide more discounts and assistance to military members and veterans.

In-Flight Entertainment-

This airline is also known for its in-flight entertainment options that include free Wi-Fi, over 100 channels of direct TV, Sirius XM Radio and movie streaming with free Access Amazon Prime Videos. JetBlue took the top spot for economy class due to its ample leg room, free snacks and drinks, free Wifi gate to gate, and excellence in-flight entertainment. The airline's in-flight entertainment is top-notch because every seat on every JetBlue flight enjoys free high-speed Wi-Fi from gate to gate, as well as seat-back touchscreens with free live TV, SiriusXM Radio, Showtime, Spotify and an extensive library of movie.


Food facility of Jet Blue has versatility and multiple options to choose from. They also offer free snacks and maintain extremely hygienic atmosphere inside the flights.

Baggage Handling-

They have also maintained a smooth and secure system for baggage handling with almost no complaints of damage or lost.

Safety & Health Measures

In the recent times, Jet Blue has significantly increased its safety and health measures. They have maintained a secure, clean and infection checking protocols in the recent pandemic period. Even in the normal times, their flights are cleaned more frequently. The sanitizing process is peerless. More space between seats helps check the infection by reducing the number of touched spaces. They have maintained high safety standards and set a bar of their own. The medical facilities are fully equipped and ready for any kind of health related emergency. Jet Blue flights are equipped with hospital grade HEPA air filter which are able to remove 99% bacteria and viruses. All the air inside the flight gets changed in every 3 minutes enabling the passengers to breathe healthy and clean air all the time. There is almost a touch free check-in, bag tagging and boarding on all the related airports. Despite all their achievements and growth, they are constantly working to improve each and every aspect of their working sphere.

Major Hubs- Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, New York JFK, Orlando, San Juan

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