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American Airlines

One of the largest and oldest airlines in the world, American Airlines with its regional partners operates an immense network with almost 7000 flights per day connecting more than 50 countries and above 350 destinations around the globe. It is also the world’s largest airline in terms of fleet size, passengers carried and revenue per mile. Over 90 years of service, it has emerged as one of the leaders in this business. Million of satisfied customers, trustworthy services and a variety of regional and global offers, it is a name that guarantees safe and secure travel around the blue planet. Its technical team has no match as it retires the old flights on regular intervals to replace them with more equipped and advanced flights.

American Airlines offers the most exclusive and personalize experience for long distance travel. Their hospitality enables you to experience and extremely comfortable travel during the long journeys. The atmosphere inside doesn’t let you get tired even after the long hours of travel. Just to make your time more special and pleasing there are several sources like wi fi, a number of best sellers books, virtual library and video LEDs. They have comparatively more space and amenities in the flights even in the economy classes. Their transportation facility is the best and the most comprehensive. They have experience of almost a century that makes them to improve every aspect of their service constantly. American Airlines also offers a variety of food range in the flights suitable to your taste and culture. This is why it is the most trusted name in the travelling world.

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